3 Most Reasons Why Your Cat Is Overweight

3 Most Reasons Why Your Cat Is Overweight, South Side Pups

Not only human being, cats may also get overweight. So what causes it?

1. Food ingredients

One thing that determines the weight of the cat is through the food they consume. The nutritional value of the food is very important to make your pet grows healthy. Dry food is well known as the best diet treatment for cats. Unfortunately, dry food consists with un-natural foods source. Eventhough the producers have put the belief that the corn and grain consisted in the dry food is important for cat’s diet.

In fact, consuming too much dry food will bring bad effects to their health. One of the biggest killers in cats is lack of water that leads to kidney disease. Dry food have maximum of 10% water content meanwhile a cat’s prey consist of 75% water and similar amount for canned and raw foods. Thus, consuming canned or raw foods are important to maintain the health of cats. Other factors that must be fulfilled to maintain a healthy cat are mineral, vitamin and high level protein.

For example, the amino acid ‘taurine’ that plays a fundamental part of a cat’s diet which can only be found in meat products. Many cat owners put high concentrate to feed the cat with a high protein and moisture diets with low carbohydrate but neglect to give the cats with enough taurine or vitamin B. by giving another option for taurine or vitamin can become another solution to stop the cat becoming addicted to only 1 food type.

Other habits that cat owner’s do in feeding their cat is by giving them a high energy food. This product is basically good for cats which have high energy levels, but it may be bad for the cats that have less activity. Since eating canned or raw foods is the best recommend for obese cat, thus a rule for feeding time is another thing that cat owners must do. The 2 to 4 times per day is good to give more control of food.

2. Treatment

Many treatment methods that owner cat can do to maintain a healthy cat, such as regularly brushing the cat’s teeth, playing around with small toy, and put a proper treat for eating.

3. Higher risk cats

There are several conditions that cause your cat overweight except foods and treatment.

First is neutered or spayed cat. To be highlighted, that the act of neutered or spayed to your cat do not make your cat overweight, but on how you care for them afterwards is.

Second, some breeds cats are better at maintaining their body at a good condition.

Third, age is another point that could affect the weight. It most likely for cat from approximately 2 to 12 years of age becomes overweight. It is because younger cat tends to have higher energy than the older ones that often eat lesser.

The four factor is indoor cat. This type of cat tends to have less activity and exercise. The cat can also gets bored by playing repetitive similar toys at home. Another factor is social environment. A cat which lives with many people under the same house will likely to gain weights since there is lack of control for them to be given foods by each member of the house.

The fifth condition is disabilities factor. Most disabilities cat tend to be given a over protected care by his owner. Thus most of them just stay at indoors and receive an excuse for more treats with less exercise.

Last but not least, having a neighbor who feed our cat is sometimes good. But it can also be a warning for the cat owner to put control for its weight. Thus telling the neighbor that your cat has special dietary needs is good to make your neighbors aware of this and does not give a wrong judgment for feeding your cat with wrong food.

Turning a Neglected Cat into the Best Caring and Demanding Pet

Turning a Neglected Cat into the Best Caring and Demanding Pet, South Side Pups

Just like humans, Cats also have different characteristic. Environment in which they live affects to their personality and reaction to its surroundings, especially human. It is fundamentally important for the cat owners to recognize this in order to establish good relations with them and understand how to address the treatment for each cat. Otherwise, your cat will feel neglected. Here is the guidance for you to identify a neglected cat.

Description of neglect

Neglect means not to treat the animals with appropriate attention, especially for fulfilling their primary needs to live (water, food, hygiene, rest and hygiene). In many cases, the cat is forced to live in a cage or staying inside the house for a long time. Having too many cats or a tight schedule is likely become the main reason for owners to not giving proper quality time to take care their cat. Little that they know, this also leads for almost all of the type of animal abuse and all of these situations can produce neglect. That is for the perspective of human towards neglect. Now we continue to know how does a cat respond to it? And how we can learn?

How the cats respond to it?

Cats are basically like to hunt and accustom to live freely. If you just let your cats stay in a cage, means you limit their life and this will cause a stress for the cats. Similar to human, the cats also need to play and socialize with others outside of a cage. Besides, a cat left in a cage also makes them become less responsive since they are lack of activity. It may sometimes when play is offered to cat, the owner does not received the response as expected.

What can we do to help these cats?

It is kind of challenging to handle these cats. You do not need to pay hard effort to cuddle or hold these cats for your first approach. Let the cat feel comfort by providing them proper basic needs such as water, food, bed and clean litter box. Let the cat has their own privacy time and used to its surroundings. As the time goes by, the cat will slowly put the trust on you and eventually will come for a full cuddle.

But remember still do not try to pick the cat up or cuddle a cat in the litter box. Cats need socialization to learn the do’s and dont’s. Thus, give them time to learn. Move slowly and talk gently to teach the cats. There are many options that you can begin to bond with your cat.

A tickler wand is the best one to start the play. Gently shake the wand and let the cats see how it goes. Allow your cat to feel the success by grabbing the wand for a few moments. Then twitch it again when the cat lets go. There may some times a cat grab the wand and try to run with it, so do not allow this and offer resistance. It is not about the wand but the cat needs to play with you.


You may find taking care of a neglected cat is tiring but once you have taken all their trust, you will find a caring and demanding cat. It will come to love you very much and it is one of the best pet for a single or older person as it will give huge affection to release loneliness and loss to one who experience.

Going on a Trip with Your Cat Tips

Going on a Trip with Your Cat Tips, South Side Pups

You are going to travel somewhere to spend the vacation or moving to a new location and you have to take your cats with you, you will need to be prepared for the trip with your cats. Cats tends to be more comfortable in the environment that is familiar to them, but there are some cats that can adapt well. You need to know your cats’ characteristics well. Cats can be nervous when they are taken to travel. The stress can possibly cause physical illnesses. Here are some tips that may help you to improve your trip experience with your cats.

Preparing for the Trip

The first and most important preparation to do is to make sure that your destination is a cat-friendly environment. If you’re on a vacation and staying in a hotel, ask the hotel if they accept pets. If you’re visiting a friend or a relative, find out if anyone is allergic to cats or if their pets are friendly to another animals. And if you’re moving to a new apartment, don’t forget to ask the landlord if pets are allowed in the building.

Protect your cats from virus and diseases by getting them essential vaccinations. Make an appointment with the vet few weeks prior to the trip to allow your cats to recover. Don’t forget to get your cats a health certificate or veterinary record. They might be needed to be checked by the law enforcement officials and they are required when medical emergencies happen.

After you get your cats’ records prepared, you will need to get your cats a collar. Make sure the collar tag has your phone number embellished on it. Your cat might run away or wander and get lost. If someone finds your lost cat, they can reach you easily by contacting the phone number on the collar tag.

The last thing you need to do is to give attention to your cats’ comfort. Make sure they are already familiar with their carrier. Put a blanket or towel inside the carriers to give extra comfort, include a litter pan if necessary. You can give them herbal remedy to help calm your cats.

Getting Your Cats inside the Vehicle

Getting the cats inside the carrier can be tricky. Some cats may refuse to go inside it. Try to place your cats’ favorite food inside the carrier to lure them in. If that doesn’t work, place your carrier against the wall with the door open. Take your cats and place it gently in front of the carrier with their tail near the door. Try to back them into the carrier by pushing your palm against your cats’ face with your other hand on their ribs. Your palm will keep the cat from trying to get out. Once the cat is inside, close the door slowly.

Put the carriers safely inside your vehicle in a place where they won’t move around very much, make sure other things you take with you won’t fall off and crush your cat. If you are moving with a rental moving truck, take the carriers with you in the passenger seat. Play soothing music and set the air conditioner to keep the temperature moderate. Ignore your cats and let them calm down by themselves. Monitor excessive panting, it may requires medical treatment.

Helping Your Cats to Adapt to the New Environment

Don’t let your cats out immediately when you arrive at your destination. Place the cats inside a single room to let them adapt slowly to the new surroundings and keep them from running away and getting lost. You need to keep your cats indoor for at least two weeks before you can let them go outside. Watch for signs of illnesses. Your cats may suffer diarrhea and nausea for the first day of adapting, but if the conditions continue, seek for professional help immediately.

How to Give the Best Care for Cats with Kidney Failure

How to Give the Best Care for Cats with Kidney Failure, South Side Pups

Older cats are prone to suffering illnesses. One of the common causes is kidney failure or chronic renal failure (CRF). Signs of CRF develop when 70-75% of renal tissue has been damaged. The visible signs are depression, sickness, poor appetite that leads to weight loss, and increasing thirst. If your cat is showing those signs, you may need to get your cat’s blood and urine samples collected for further examination.

The problems a cat with CRF might have including nausea and vomiting, dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, acidosis, anemia, and hypertension. CRF can’t be cured, but there are medications to treat those problems for affected cats. Here’s how you treat those problems.

How to Treat Nausea

Nausea and vomiting are caused by an inflammation of the stomach. A CRF cat’s kidneys don’t excrete hormones and waste products normally, so they stay in the stomach and cause inflammation. Drugs like antacid and anti-vomiting pills can be given to soothe your cat’s stomach.

How to Treat Dehydration

Maintain your cat’s hydration by encouraging it to consume more fluid. Make sure your cat’s water bowl is always full and feed your cat wet foods instead of the dry ones. If necessary, take your cat to a vet to get a subcutaneous fluid therapy. This therapy is usually done by giving fluid with added nutrition under the cat’s skin twice a week. If more frequent therapy is needed, the vet can teach you how to perform this therapy so you can do it at home.

How to Treat Electrolyte Imbalances

Electrolyte imbalances cause weakness and loss of appetite. A CRF cat usually has low blood potassium levels and/or high blood phosphate levels. To treat this problem, potassium supplements can be given to your cat. For high blood phosphate levels, give oral phosphate binders to limit your cat’s phosphate absorption.

How to Treat Acidosis

Non-acidifying diets is required to treat this problem. Acidosis is a condition where your cat’s blood becomes more acidic than it should be. Drugs like sodium bicarbonate can be prescribed for your cats.

How to Treat Anemia

Anemia is marked by red blood cell deficiency. One thing you can do is to get your cat an erythropoietin therapy. But be aware that this therapy costs much and can cause several side effects. Another thing you can do is to give your cat iron supplements to boost the production of hemoglobin in red blood cells.

How to Treat Hypertension

Check your cat’s blood pressure regularly. When hypertension occurs, ask for drug prescription. Drugs that are usually given to treat high blood pressure are amlodipine and benazepril.

Other Treatments

There are other medications given to CRF cats, such as calcitriol, angiotensin converting enzyme, and antibiotics. They are given to maintain the balance of CRF cats’ blood substances, blood pressure, protein absorption, and to eliminate bacterial infections. There are other various medications out there to treat cats with CRF, make sure to do researches and consult a veterinarian to get the right CRF treatment for your cat. Monitor your cats for long term prognosis, since CRF is generally a progressive conditions.

Raw Food is the Best Diet for Your Cat

Raw Food is the Best Diet for Your Cat, South Side Pups

Some people really think that a cat is definitely different from a dog. Well, it is true in some facets. But when it comes to attention and maintenance, every cat also needs what a dog requires to stay healthy. So, never say a dog needs more attention that a cat does. As a pet parent, we need to understand more of the pet we have. If we have a cat or some of them at home, we should learn and study about their behavior, habits and needs.

This is important because sometimes, in some cases, we need to give a diet to our cat by the advice of the doctor. It may be because of some reasons like obesity or certain disease. Lately maybe, you have heard that raw foods are definitely the best diet for cats. But then there are controversies that you heard related to this as well.

It is wise if you see a veterinarian and ask the whole things you need to know about this cat diet. Some people are distressed because of obesity. Well, this is one disease that often realized a little too late. One day, out of the blue, one realizes that only a few suits are fit with his body. And then, when some diets or work out programs seem to be difficult to do and follow, one prefers drugs or supplements that persuasively offer amazing promises. Pills can make fat people slim? Gimme a break! It’s all about hard works and commitments.

And well, those are things that may go when a human suffers for obesity. What if it happens to our cat? When it comes to obesity, a diet is always needed. When a cat cannot be told to do exercise every day, then it should do a diet.

Often times, people who have cats are not experts in selecting the cats’ nutrients. They give their cat what advertisements say, not what experts suggest and advise. Most people consider that cats are carnivore animal. It makes us think that every cat eats meat (raw meat) or raw fish that we usually see in traditional markets when they steal it.

Some researchers find that raw foods affect human body significantly when it comes to nutrients completion. Raw foods like green vegetables and fruits are healthy to eat. Although it does not mean that we are prohibited to have foods served in various recipes, raw foods are always better. The nutrients are not lessening. As we all know that when foods are cooked in certain degree, the nutrients can be lessened or even gone.

Cooked foods are certainly added with more ingredients and sometimes things that our body doesn’t need. The same thing goes to cat. A study shows that cats that have raw foods are healthier than the ones given cooked or canned foods. Cats with raw foods, especially kittens are more energetic as well. Their death percentage is also lower. So, it is suggested that you see more veterinarians and get more information about raw foods for cat.

There Is No Such Bad Cat

There Is No Such Bad Cat, South Side Pups

World of every pet is unique. What do you have at home? Do you consider a pet as one of best friends? Your neighbor might have some a dog and a cat as well. And sometimes you see her having trouble in dealing with them. You want to have a pet at home, but after seeing the difficulties that your neighbor often has, you think it twice. You might prefer cat than dog.

Well, it is a matter of choice and preference. A cat is as cute as a dog can be although they have different character. A cat’s behavior of course will be different with a dog behavior. As we all know even different dog has different attitude and character. So, you need to know that a cat will not think the way a god thinks. It will never behave like a dog. This is the very first important think to know before you adopt a cat and bring it home.

So, you really need to figure out what pet you really want at home. Never get a cat if all you want is a pet that behaves like a obedient pet that will listen to you attentively while you are talking. Do not try to put your cat in school. The cat will never listen or do as they are told. Treat your cat like a cat, and you will have an amazing and loving cat you ever dream of. There are things you should understand why a cat does what it does. We do not have to yell at our cat. If we do that, we will only make ourselves feel better, but not making the cat obeys or be better.

Our cat may sometimes annoy us, and that is what a cat does. If we never try to understand the reasons why, so we will never meet a sweet cat to play with or to pet. You need to know that cats do not understand English or any other language well. So, no matter how slow or how clear we talk to it, it will never understand a word. But, the good news is that it does understand response whether it is negative or positive. Every cat loves trait, pet and praise. Those are actually things that we can use as weapons to conquer them.

So, we do not have to waste our energy by yelling, screaming, scolding or even throwing (oh, please do not do this) things to your cat. We might feel better after doing those things, but that will only make the cat feels more traumatic. When you are home after work and have snack, give your cat some pets and few traits. Your cat might nip your finger a little, and surprise then yell while chasing it. Well, your cat gets the attention he or she wants and you two are playing. That simple. All we need to do is observe the behavior of our cat and treat him or her like one.

Some Facts to Know: Things That You Do Not Know About Your Cat

Some Facts to Know: Things That You Do Not Know About Your Cat, South Side Pups

Cat is popular to be a pet for some homes. People love it because of its personality, the way they see their own selves as pets, the treatment, and its aristocracy manner that for some people are adorable. When we talk about all facts of cat, it will bring us to a long discussion and description. We may do not have enough time to explore about cat. Yet, today, in some points, we will explore things that you do not know about your cat.

Its Life Span

A cat is of course different from human. One-year-old cat is already able to take care of themselves, and to do reproduction. We see that three-year-old man is helpless. The life span of cat today is increasing. We used to know that the life span is only twelve years old, but today we find out that cat is able to live up to twenty years old. Some believe that it is because of genetic changes. Even some cats in Southern California are found to live as long as thirty to thirty four years.

Loners and Independent

This is not a secret anymore. Cats are solitary creatures. Yet, if you go to a farm, you may find cats with their colony that consists of around twenty cats. They even hunt together. This colony will have dominant cats, and the rest is equal. If new cat comes, they must re-establish the organization.

Your cats, though it is indoor or outdoor cats, in some times ask you to let them out, even they have cat’s door, they want you to open the door. Most of cat lovers may experience this. When they sit on the patio and watch you with delightful eyes, they may ask you to accompany them hunting.

Trained Cat is not a Myth

It is possible to train your cat. It is just like a dog. Depending on the breed of cats, they are all trainable. If you train your cat in a right way, they will do what you ask them do with great attention, care, and success. They can carry ball, for instance. They can do hide and seek game, even. Just like dog, when they are asked to look for hidden ball, they will explore it, take it, and drop it in front of their master. When the master say ‘no’, cat also can understand and stop their action.


Cat likes music. If you play folk song with guitar, for instance, they will come near, unlike dog that may go. They seem enjoy the sound and the song. If you are musician, they can accompany you to practice more song. A harpist find his cat cries when he does not practice enough, or play less number of songs.

Cats’ Health

Cat can stand for dry food. They do need meat, they need the protein. Carbohydrates are harmful for cats. They do not need that intake. Unlike dog, cat get their water from their prey. It is natural. Yet, as owners, provide them food with sufficient water in it. It keeps them away from dehydration. These are things that you do not know about your cat. Note this.

Pet Porte Smart Flap: Microchip for Cats

Pet Porte Smart Flap: Microchip for Cats, South Side Pups

As cat lovers, you may wonder where you cat goes everyday. Do they safe? What kind of environment they find everyday? Do you love your cats? Is the cat well behaved or not? You may question yourself, whether or not your cat arrive safely at home at nights, without any bruises caused by other cats. When you leave your cat alone at home, and let them go out to play, you may also think about what kind of food they eat with other cats. Well, these questions may make you worry about your beloved cats. It is not easy to answer, it is possible if we know nothing about our cat.

If you miss your cat someday, it will be difficult to go out from that hard moment. You will rethink yourself, whether we have preventive action or not. Something we can do to guard the cat, to keep them in security and safety, something that keep them away from danger and problem. Well, there is always an answer for every question. Pet Porte Smart Flap comes to help cat lovers watch their cat from far. Your cat now is safe indoor, both from physical and environment threats.

What is Pet Porte Smart Flap?

It is the first microchip cat flap that is effective to keep the cats out. It provides the owners an enhanced level of security, which makes both the cats and the owners lives in a better condition. The microchip features Collarless technology, a technology that keep the pet from rough and hard collars which leave mark on their neck. This cat flap will stop other cats to enter your house, and recognize your cat well without the need to attach magnetic or electronic cat collar, infra red, or restrictive collar. It is safe for cats. They will not be noticed when they are scanned approaching the door.

This microchip is designed and invented by David Chamberlain, a veterinarian. He makes this chip is easy to use. You will only see two buttons there, one green and one red. Besides, it is also very simple to program the cats in. You can program the chip in up to 32 cats.

The Mode of The Chip

This comes in two modes. The VET mode is used if owners want to keep their cats indoor, while the NIGHT mode is used if owners want to make their cats back inside and not allow them to get out in darkness. The cat will stay until it is light, in the morning.

The Advantages of the Chip

By having this microchip, you can avoid irritation on cat’s neck caused by the hard collar attached to them. Cat flap also can detect the light level, automatically. You do not need to call your cats to go home, this device will help you to keep your cats in. It will warn you, whether or not your cat is home. The beeping system helps the owners. This Pet Porte Smart Flap only uses low voltage intake, and do not require batteries to operate the system.

Myths about Cats: Things You Should Know

Myths about Cats: Things You Should Know, South Side Pups

When we talk about animals, we may wonder about what they think, they feel when living in this world. We wonder their point of view when seeing us, human, do something that has something to do with their lives. Thus, for us who live with animals, or for those who only see them distance, may think that each of them has some personal worldview, or perspective which beyond human’s understanding. We now will see some myths about cats.

Cats’ Facts

We may wonder whether or not they can identify us, we do can identify them. Well, cat are curious, playful, selfish, adaptable. They also are able to daydream, to make decision, to think, to show emotions, to show something through body and vocal language. They have memory, and sense of history. They have place to sleep, they have something they like and they do not like. They are unique. It is not a secret that cats are self-centered. It is just like human, like toddlers or infants.

When cats catch prey, it is not their meal. The meal is from their master. It is what cats think about you. The prey is just a bonus, and you still need to give them food to eat. Cat does not have a point of view of ‘tomorrow’. They do not have knowledge on ‘afterlife’. They think about ‘now’.

As cats owners, you also need to keep in mind that this animal is different from dog. You may be able to teach your dog play fetch or beg, but you cannot do it to cat. These two animals have different world view, and also IQ. That is why some say that cat has slaves, while dog has master. There is a popular joke that say about the difference of cat and dog. When dog thinks that human feed them, play with them, and look after them, therefore human must be a god. Yet, cat thinks in differently. When they think that human feed them, play with them, and look after them, they will think that I (cat) must be a god.

Superstitions about Cat

This pet is interesting. We already know this creature even when Egypt shows it golden era. People adore them, and consider them as gods, even. Superstitions about cat is also various. If you dream about cats, it will show you some meaning. If you dream of a ginger cat, you will be successful in business. If you dream of tabby, it will bring good luck to you, while if you dream of tortoise-shell, you will be lucky in love.

Some people believe that step on a cat will bring you a bad luck. You may also have rheumatism if kicking a cat with your legs. Chasing black cat will also bring bad luck. It believes that if woman chase black cat, she will lose her 23 relatives in several years. It is a good luck, if a cat follow your or sneeze in your wedding day. This is interesting. Myths and superstitions we have show that cat is adorable in their way. Here are some myths about cats.

Things You Should Know About Cats: Some Basic Information

Things You Should Know About Cats: Some Basic Information, South Side Pups

Cats, can be a good friend of human as well, just like dogs. Yet, people who live with cats may think that this pet is too awesome to be a friend. Some argues that people with cat at their home will apply non-human to human characteristics entities. And for those who think that animals will take care of the younger one, because of natural instinct, never spend time with cats before. There are some things you should know about cats. It may help you to live in harmony with your beloved cats.

Cats’ Basic Information

We have three main things that we need to know about cats in this world. The first one is communication. They have various vocalizations, which consist of purring, mewing, growling, hissing, grunting, and also trilling. Cats have pheromones, and some body languages which show specific thing as well. Cats’ second basic information is about its adaptability. Cats are grouped into felids which has strong body with quick reflexes, sharp claws, flexible bodies, and also sharp teeth to kill their prey.

The last one is its senses, which covers some parts, hearing, seeing, smelling, testing, feeling, behavior, and breeding. Cat is able to hear from 20 Hz to 65,000 Hz. Cat is also able to see darkness, but not in total darkness. Cat’s nose has 200 million nerve cells, which make them able to smell 14 times more sensitive than human. Yet, they only have 475 taste buds, unlike human who has 9,000 taste buds. Cat’s paws are very sensitive, just like its fur that has unique nerve. They have at least 25 whiskers on their face.

When talking about cats’ behavior, we will find that some cats be active both day and night. Yet some of them are more active very early in the morning, or late in the evening. This has something to do with human’s activities, or their master’s activities. Fortunately, cat has under-controlled breeding. This makes some people have this as their hobby, cat fancy hobby.

Cats’ Entertainment

To bring your cat travel with you, use cat containment and travel to make them comfortable and convenient while travelling. Choose soft and high-impact materials for the carrier. Also choose a containment that is easy to clean. This will make your travelling more pleasant to do.

If the travelling takes long duration, bring your cats some toys. They do love it. This will keep them away from boring vacation. Toys help them to be active, both physically and mentally. Some toys to choose are Pounce, Dart, Twitch, and also Bolt.

Some Facts about Cats

Cats are interesting. We have hundreds of facts that we may not know before. Here are those things. Pure-bred cats tend to be aristocrat in its manners. Cats even can rehydrate themselves by drinking sea water. This is something that human cannot do. Cats also can dream, they have similar brain wave pattern which is like human. The last fact we have is that Switzerland allows people to eat cats. Well, those are some things you should know about cats.